lateral-100Brace Orthopaedic has launched Step-On, a new unique range of innovative ankle foot orthoses (AFOs) for the treatment of foot drop. These AFOs are different because they are articulated, offering adjustable dorsiflexion assistance whilst being off-the-shelf products.

In this way, they allow essential functional movements during the gait cycle, while at the same time providing the exact amount of control required by each patient, at every stage of their rehabilitation programme.

Extremely lightweight, the new AFO is made from a highly versatile polypropylene that can be easily heat moulded to shape and trimmed to size by the clinician. They incorporate unilateral or bilateral spring-loaded hinges, allowing a ROM between 22° dorsiflexion and 11° plantarflexion. Step-On provides both dorsiflexion for foot clearance during swing phase and controlled plantarflexion for stability during loading response.

The product also provides both dorsiflexion for foot clearance during the swing phase and controlled plantarflexion for stability during loading response.

The company says the adjustable dorsiflexion assistance allows precise adjustment according to the patient’s body weight, muscle tone of the plantarflexor muscles, active control of the dorsiflexors and usual walking speed, ensuring optimal gait biomechanics. The dorsiflexion is adjusted easily with an Allen Key that increases and decreases the spring tension within the hinge.

Clive Mitchell, Managing Director of Brace Orthopaedic, said: “Step-On is a genuinely exciting new product that fits with the ethos of our business.

“It’s another unique product offered by Brace Orthopaedic that offers clinicians and patients alike a highly innovative solution. The combination of a lightweight stock AFO with adjustable fine-tuning of the variable dorsiflexion assistance offers a unique solution for clinicians treating foot drop.”

Three AFO products have been released with the Step-On 100 LH being suitable for most cases of foot drop, the Step-On 100 MH for patients with uncorrectable varus and prominent lateral malleolus and the Step-On 200, suitable for cases of foot-drop with excessive correctable varus/valgus (supination/pronation) of the foot.

Contact 0191 258 8944 for a demonstration and visit the website HERE for more information

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