eWellness Healthcare's Phzio platform image
eWellness Healthcare’s Phzio platform

California-based telehealth company eWellness Healthcare has unveiled that it will develop and launch a digital occupational therapy platform by the end of 2019.

eWellness Healthcare CEO Darwin Fogt told Proactive Investors: “Based upon interest by various third-party insurance administrators, we are excited to create a digital occupational therapy platform similar to our PHZIO PT treatment platform.”

Phzio is a telehealth solution for the physical therapy industry, giving physical therapists easier access to their patients via a digital platform. The platform allows therapists to monitor their patients in real-time to deliver better patient outcomes, lower treatment costs and expand treatment access.

The telehealth platform also opens up a two-way communication channel between the therapist and patient, allowing both individuals to monitor progress.

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eWellness Healthcare’s goal is to transform the way the estimated $35 billion market for physical therapy works in the US by licensing its Phzio platform to physical therapist clinics.

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