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Valley Leisure I Can Therapy Centre imageCharity Valley Leisure has announced that it will be launching its second ‘I Can Therapy Centre’ site in Sheffield, which will offer a raft of exercise programmes for people in need of rehabilitation.

The ‘I Can Therapy Centre,’ which encourages exercise participation in older adults and supports the rehabilitation needs of those living with long-term health conditions, will officially launch on the 26th of February 2019.

Operated by independent charity Valley Leisure, the Sheffield site will boast eight specially adapted power assisted exercise machines from UK manufacturer Shapemaster and a Medicotech Thera-trainer.

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Sheffield Neuro Physiotherapy will support client screening, assessment and exercise programmes for users with varying conditions and abilities. Users of the facility will have the option of accessing affordable and individualised physiotherapy sessions at the centre.

Physiotherapy treatments will include soft tissue mobilisation, balance rehabilitation and mobility interventions to optimise physical wellbeing and performance.

Liz Murray, Community Health Development Manager at Valley Leisure, commented: “We are delighted to be launching our second site in Sheffield and hope to continue on from the success of our Andover site which has already engaged over four hundred users in just one year, helping many of them to move more and feel better.

“We are also very proud to be working in collaboration with the team at Sheffield Neuro Physiotherapy who will be providing clinical expertise for clients with neurological impairment and those living with long term health conditions.”

Valley Leisure I Can Therapy Centre imageEmma Richards, Managing Director of Sheffield Neuro Physiotherapy, added: “Sheffield has been in desperate need of a centre like this for many years. Being able to offer power assisted exercise alongside physiotherapy interventions will not only benefit those with neurological conditions but will also support the needs of many older adults and those with long term conditions, ultimately encouraging and enabling independent living.”

The specialist equipment adopted by the centre enables users to exercise passively or actively, depending on their abilities. Powered by Shapemaster, the equipment has also been customised for optimum accessibility.

According to Valley Leisure, the centre has already received positive interest from healthcare providers and voluntary organisations across the city.

Liz added: “We are absolutely staggered by the interest we have received from local healthcare providers, who not only see the clinical value in our offering, but the social benefits for a wide range of user groups including older and vulnerable adults.”

Valley Leisure was established as a charity in 1990 with aims to advance health and wellbeing for the public benefit. The charity seeks to engage with people of all ages and physical abilities to promote active lifestyles.

Sheffield Neuro Physiotherapy was founded by Emma Richards in 2008. The service delivers specialist neurological physiotherapy for people with movement and postural changes arising from neurological impairment.

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