EPG Health Media announces the launch of the latest version of epgonline.org, its independent website for healthcare professionals. Drawing on the company’s experience and recent in-depth research with users and industry partners, epgonline.org now provides more personalised and intuitive access to trusted medical content.

Available globally and in multiple language editions, the content is provided free from advertising and can be accessed easily and quickly by time-pressed, digitally savvy medical professionals, enabling them to make the most effective use of their time.

Launched in 2002, epgonline.org now has over 130,000 pages of independently-curated medical content indexed by Google and is currently used as a ‘go-to’ medical information resource by specialists and doctors in almost 200 countries.

Independent research in 2015 comprising a global survey of 216 such professionals highlighted a number of their key concerns and requirements when it came to accessing medical content. One of the most significant findings was that while 80% of healthcare professionals trusted and valued information from independent medical websites, 35% attributed limited or no value to education websites owned by pharmaceutical companies.

Independent web resources are also accessed more frequently than government, institutional, society or pharmaceutical websites with 58% of respondents doing so at least once a week.

While ‘lack of time’ was cited as the main obstacle to accessing medical content, other barriers lay in where, when and how data could be accessed. Features considered important by over 75% of the healthcare professionals surveyed were that medical websites should have content arranged and searchable by speciality, the ability to save content to read later as well as the facility to rate and comment on content. Furthermore, with 66% of respondents accessing medical content daily via mobile devices and in their own time, there was a clear requirement for web resources to be mobile-responsive.

These findings were fed into the latest epgonline.org major redevelopment, with content highlights including over 9000 drug listings, 7000 journal abstracts, 6000 news articles and 5000 clinical trials, arranged and classified according to over 250 diseases and 35 medical specialities.

With regard to the ‘where, when and how’, the latest version of epgonline.org is 100% mobile-optimised which ensures that this data can be easily accessed at any time on any device. Also, a powerful intuitive search facility combined with a customisable dashboard means that this data can also now be accessed quicker than ever and presented alongside recommended supporting information based on medical speciality, location, behaviour and related ‘trending’ topics.

Dr Toby Galbraith, Director of Content Strategy for epgonline.org, said: “We know that doctors and other healthcare professionals have difficulty balancing the pressures of work with the essential processes of staying up to date with the latest medical knowledge and opinion.

“Since its inception, epgonline.org has been designed to be free, easily accessible and deeply interconnected, so that our audience can find the information they need quickly, and continue their learning with related and relevant resources. Our independence and agility, combined with innovative technology and a thorough understanding of medical education, means we are best placed to develop the new features and learning mechanisms required to enable healthcare professionals to make the most effective use of their time.”

To find out more, visit the website HERE

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