In a world’s first, Oticon, Inc. has joined forces with chart-topping  rock band Styx for a live concert broadcast exclusively for fans wearing Oticon Opn Internet-connected hearing aids. The broadcast, scheduled as part of the band’s US summer tour, will be the first time a live performance is delivered directly to hearing aid wearers, enabling them to stream the heart-pumping sounds of such Styx classic gold hits Renegade, Come Sail Away and more directly to their Opn hearing aids.

The live concert will be broadcast on August 22 from the PNC Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ, adjacent to Oticon US headquarters. Oticon is working with individual Styx concert venues to provide information on hearing health and hearing protection to summer concert-goers. Information on how Opn users can access the live concert broadcast will be available in late July.

“The Styx live broadcast gives us an upbeat, exciting way to not only reach Opn wearers but to remind people of all ages about the importance of hearing health,” said Oticon Vice President of Marketing Sheena Oliver. “Through our partnership with Styx, we demonstrate how Opn enables people with hearing loss to ‘rock on’ and actively participate in all of life’s moments and memories.”

The award-winning Oticon Opn is already bringing the open sound experience to more people with an expanded family and features including the convenient rechargeable miniRITE, the miniRITE-T, the powerful BTE 13 PP and integrated Tinnitus SoundSupport™.  As the first hearing aid to connect to and interact with the Internet, Opn can communicate directly with a full range of connected devices, so wearers can listen to TV; connect with doorbells and other smart devices; and even get the weather or listen to a concert—all through their hearing aids.

Many fans that grew up listening to Styx are now at the age where hearing loss becomes more prevalent. In fact, one in six baby boomers experience hearing loss, making it difficult for them to enjoy concerts, theater, and other public events.

“The new active generation of people with hearing loss wants solutions that let them stay engaged in all aspects of their lives, and the advanced technology of Oticon Opn enables them to do just that,” explains Oliver.  “From making it easier to follow and participate in conversations with multiple speakers to wirelessly streaming the unmatched sound of a live Styx concert, Opn helps prove that when treated, people with hearing loss can live active, social lives.”

For more information on the entire Oticon Opn family, go to the website HERE

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