Worcestershire Telecare partners with Worcestershire County Council to roll out assistive technology image

Worcestershire Telecare is working alongside Worcestershire County Council to help local residents to live a better quality of life and maintain independence through the use of assistive technology.

Healthcare technology is currently being used at the Berrington Court Extra Care Scheme in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, where pioneering solutions have been created to meet users’ needs through mobile and interactive technology. The technology is suitable for a range of different needs, including people who live with anxiety issues, epilepsy and dementia.

Worcestershire Telecare hosted a media event at Berrington Court to give people a chance to find out more about its collaboration with Worcestershire County Council.

Worcestershire Councillor Adrian Hardman commented: “We think that this is a major way of controlling demand and letting people live independent and fulfilling lives for longer in their own homes.

“Assistive technology I think will be buried into the care package we roll out to homes as a cornerstone from now on – and there is no doubt that by using the technology, it will have an impact on the County Council budget in due course. Hopefully the outcomes to our services will be better.”

According to Worcestershire Telecare, it is predicted that one in five clients who receive home care from the Council can benefit from using assistive technology, with the average cash saving per service per week being £90.

The technology, which is provided by Worcestershire Telecare, includes devices such as an Eyegaze system, which allows individuals with reduced mobility to control items within their home, such as lights, curtains and the front door, using their eyesight.

Other devices include a GPS pendent, a fire guard, as well as interactive programs on large tablets.

Rupert Lawrence, Head of Worcestershire Telecare, concluded: “This is different from previous services because it is tailored to the individual and their support network and it makes the best use of digital technologies as well.

“We are now living in a digital world and there are a lot more possibilities with technology.”

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