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A parliamentary inquiry into decent and accessible homes is highlighting the importance of utilising a universal design approach to make adaptation products appealing to all age groups.

The all-party parliamentary group for ageing and older people inquiry into decent and accessible homes for older people summer 2019 recommends that the UK Government should ensure all new homes are built to accessible housing standards to meet the needs of disabled people and the UK’s ageing population.

In light of this, Closomat, a manufacturer of assistive toileting technology, says it is already capable of providing housing designers, developers and officers with bathing products that can last for a lifetime and are appealing to all age groups.

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Closomat’s smart wash & dry toilets feature a contemporary design to make them aspirational as well as assistive. Uniquely, they can be personalised to individual user preference and needs, not just at the initial install, but retrospectively, as needs change.

Robin Tuffley, Closomat Marketing Manager, commented: “The report made 13 recommendations on improving availability of suitable housing for older people.

“It states ‘many older people do not like the idea of being stuck with poorly designed and unappealing aids & equipment. One approach… is to take a universal design approach towards products & services to make them suitable and appealing to all age groups’.

“Fixtures such as wash & dry toilets are becoming more mainstream, and aspirational. A wash & dry toilet gives enhanced cleanliness and hygiene over wiping with toilet paper, and can be operated by almost anyone, independently, irrespective of age or ability.

“A wash & dry toilet is the enabling, universal design answer to something we all do, on average eight times a day, and something that is very private and personal.”

In addition, Closomat wash & dry toilets feature built-in automatic douching and drying, so the user does not have to physically wipe clean with toilet tissue.

Its website now features full cost of care analysis plus a configurator to enable the Palma Vita to be tailored to individual user specification.

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