AAT GB Roby stairclimber imageA new stairclimber has been launched to optimise the prescriptive options available to occupational therapists (OTs) and accommodate most common wheelchairs.

The Roby stairclimber is the latest addition to AAT GB’s comprehensive range. This tracked climber complements AAT’s S-Max wheeled kinematic stairclimber.

According to AAT GB, the Roby overcomes one of the biggest problems for wheelchair users: dealing with stairs and steps. AAT GB says that not everyone is comfortable with installing a fixture in their home, and even then, that does not address how to overcome steps out of the house and in the community.

The Roby clips onto a wheelchair, eliminating any need for transfer. At a rate set and managed by the operator, the unit fluidly climbs or descends using electronically controlled gearing on the motor.

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The device also offers optimal adjustment to accommodate most common wheelchairs while allowing room for the operator to comfortably move and steer from behind, with minimal effort. When not required, it disassembles into two manageable parts for easy storage and transportation.

“The Roby brings a new dimension to prescription of inter-level transfer for a disabled client,” explains Peter Wingrave, AAT GB Director. “Stairclimbers are increasingly being specified as the preferred solutions for inter-level transfer. They mean there is no need to even consider structural constraints/adaptation within the home.

“They are swift and cost-effective, enabling timely provision, often from equipment stores, especially when facilitating hospital discharge and overcome structural constraints. They enable the client and all other members of the household to continue to use the home’s layout as normal.

“Adding the tracked Roby adds another dimension to the choice, empowering OTs to specify a solution that meets the client and care-givers’ personal preferences and perceptions in terms of fluidity of movement, stability and operation of the technology.”

Leeds City Council and AAT GB currently have a partnership that helps people with reduced mobility to get essential equipment quickly while taking pressure off busy OTs.

Under the deal, AAT stores and manages the local authority’s stock of stairclimbers. This battery-powered device allows anyone with impaired mobility to be transferred up and down stairs safely, easily and with dignity.

The process means that Leeds City Council can optimise use of available space within its equipment stores and is spared the administration time and therefore cost of managing the stairclimbers, their accessories and power packs.

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