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Precision Rehab has bolstered its powerchair portfolio with the addition of the powered wheelchair range from Eurovema, offering UK clients three new compact powerchair models to suit a range of needs.

Designed primarily for use indoors, the range comprises of three models, the MiniFlex Front Wheel Drive, the Flexmobil i6 Mid-Wheel Drive and the Reflex Rear Wheel Drive, which are available with a choice of seat options.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the MiniFlex boasts a combination of compact size and large front wheels to make it easily manoeuvrable in confined spaces.

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In addition, the MiniFlex Front Wheel Drive comes with three seat options – Comfort, SiteRite and the paediatric ABC SiteRite. The Comfort seat system has been designed for people who spend an extended length of time in their powerchair by providing “excellent” all-round support.

The MiniFlex SiteRite and ABC SiteRite feature the SiteRite seat system, which incorporates a double foam cushioning for increased support and cushioning for the back and thighs, alongside an ergonomic foam base which provides increased support for the pelvis.

Furthermore, the MiniFlex powerchair allows clients to get close to a table or work station. Plus, with a range of approximately 15km, the client can use their MiniFlex indoors or out, safe in the knowledge that they have plenty of battery life.

Also available to powerchair users in the UK is the Eurovema Flexmobil i6 Mid-Wheel Drive, which is available with the same three seat options as the MiniFlex.

However, the Flexmobil i6 is equipped with a unique chassis which enables the user to turn the chair within its own length, resulting in a very small turning circle and great manoeuvrability.

The Flexmobil i6 models are available with both adult and paediatric seat sizes, offering increased independence in the home, school or at work as the seat can rise to a height of 90cm, enabling users to access cupboards and items which would otherwise be out of reach.

Completing Precision’s new powered wheelchair range is the Reflex Rear Wheel Drive, which is available with a choice of two seat systems: SiteRite or ABC SiteRite.

The rear wheel drive chassis gives the user an increased feeling of security when travelling outdoors by absorbing any unevenness encountered when travelling over uneven terrain. As with the Flexmobil, all Reflex models feature an electric seat lift as standard. Electric recline backrest and tilt-in-space features are optional.

Matt James, Director Precision of Precision Rehab, commented: “We are delighted to be adding the Eurovema range to our product portfolio here at Precision Rehab. While all our current powerchairs are suitable for use around the home we have always wanted to be able to offer a compact powerchair which had been designed primarily for indoor use and thanks to Euromeva we can.”

For more information on the full range of powerchairs available from Precision Rehab, call 01256 300111, email: or visit

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