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Occupational therapists (OTs) have shared positive feedback on the recently launched Flow X curved stairlift from Access BDD at an open day, saying that it boasts a raft of helpful features and would look good in a home.

Access BDD recently attended an OT open day at the Dolphin Lifts North showroom in Newcastle. The day consisted of two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

OTs and other healthcare professionals involved in specifying adapted living solutions had the opportunity to see the Flow X stairlift from Access BDD as well as equipment from several other manufacturers that work with Dolphin Lifts North.

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Flow X features a modern design, comfortable and breathable fabrics, and an embedded call device to keep users connected if there is an issue or emergency. It is designed to be space-conscious, so that it does not take up too much room in the home, and works well with narrow or complicated staircases.

Flow X is also completely bespoke to meet users’ needs. The seat has a five-degree angle for a better seating position, enhancing upright posture and comfort.

Gary Crofts, Access BDD’s UK sales manager, was on hand to demonstrate the Flow X and answer any questions. He said: “OT’s play a vital role in our business as they are often instrumental in recommending our products so to have the opportunity to engage with so many in one day was fantastic.”

As a result of the pandemic, many OTs have not had the chance to see so many new products in one location, such as the Flow X, and the feedback Gary received from show attendees was “extremely” positive.

Access BDD at Dolphin Lifts North's OT open day imageOne OT, Danielle, commented: “Events like this are really helpful as we have limited time between appointments. I am newly qualified so seeing so much equipment is really beneficial and having people demonstrate it and show us all the features as opposed to just seeing a brochure is great.

“I really like the Flow X, I am no expert, but I really like the look of it and you would certainly feel comfortable having one in your house and I didn’t realise you could get a stairlift that could do so much.”

Another healthcare professional, Susan, an OT assistant from Gateshead, was equally impressed with the stairlift.

“I think it is great to have events like this as we deal with a lot of different equipment and it is really useful to have a refresher to see what is new out there,” she said. “I think the Flow X is great.  Looking at it, at first, I thought there was a lot of features to operate and pass on to clients but having had a go myself I was impressed and I would certainly be recommending it to clients in the future.

“Equipment has come a long way in recent years and seeing the latest developments from various manufacturers in such a short space of time is great.  Gary was very knowledgeable – as were the other manufacturers who were present, he could answer any questions and explained things very clearly.”

For more information on the full range of stairlifts, homelifts, and platform lifts available, or to find a nearby Access BDD dealer, call 01642 853 650, visit the website or email

Andy Musson, Sales Manager at Access BDD, recently wrote an exclusive article for AT Today, aimed at healthcare professionals, about what needs to be checked when assessing a client for a stairlift. It contains helpful insights into what to look out for when assessing users’ mobility, considering other people in the home, whether to get a swivel seat, ensuring solutions are future-proofed to meet changing needs, and more.

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