RCOT Research and Development Strategy 2019-2024 imageThe Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) has launched the Research and Development Strategy 2019-2024, setting out its vision for the direction of occupational therapy research in the UK.

RCOT’s vision for research is that over next ten years, occupational therapists across the UK will engage with relevant research and that this sentiment will become embedded within the occupational therapy profession.

The strategy informs, guides and directs the development of research in the occupational therapy profession in the UK and underlines what RCOT will do to deliver its vision. It builds on previous strategies and acknowledges that there is an ongoing need to build the capability, capacity and enthusiasm for research in the profession.

Recognising that this will not be the same for everyone, the strategy identifies and values a spectrum of engagement, from working actively with existing research evidence to inform practice to participating in the development of the evidence base.

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Commenting on the new strategy, Jo Watson, RCOT Assistant Director for Education and Research, said: “Our two year review, involving our members, health and care experts and policy drivers, and consulting the relevant literature, consistently highlighted the importance of using evidence-based interventions, of robustly evidencing the impact and effectiveness of our services, and of continuing to expand the evidence base, particularly as the scope and nature of practice evolves.

“RCOT’s vision for the research is that the professional culture of occupational therapy across the UK will evolve to position engaging in and with research as a matter of professional pride for every occupational therapist, underpinning the quality and effectiveness of the services we offer to the individuals, groups and communities we work with.

“Achieving the strategy’s aims and vision will be a shared endeavour between RCOT and its members, and the work being taken forward by RCOT is already being shaped by the new strategy. RCOT is committed to supporting members to build their skills and confidence in engaging in and with research for the benefit for those accessing occupational therapy services, departments and organisations, individual occupational therapists and the profession as a whole.”

Importantly, RCOT’s new strategy promotes the benefits of a research-engaged culture in the occupational therapy profession, underling the benefits for those accessing occupational therapy services, departments and organisations, individual occupational therapists and the profession as a whole.

To read the full Royal College of Occupational Therapists’ research and development strategy 2019–2024, click here

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