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Tunstall Healthcare has won the ‘Leading Innovators in Assisted Living Technology 2020’ award at the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2020, and the ‘Best Non-Clinical Equipment, Product or Service Supplier’ for its pioneering nurse call system, Tunstall Carecom, in the Care Home Awards 2020.

The Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards commend work that contributes towards promoting the physical and mental welfare of those in need of support. The awards also shine a spotlight on innovation within the healthcare industry by recognising forward-thinking organisations that bring crucial new ideas and products to the forefront of one of the world’s most demanding industries.

Tunstall Carecom scooped the top spot in the ‘Best Non-Clinical Equipment, Product or Service Supplier’ category at the Care Home awards. The nurse call system supports over 60,000 care home residents across Europe.

In addition, the advanced wireless and digital system moves beyond traditional, fixed call-points and has been developed to meet the demands of modern care delivery and support residential and nursing care homes, allowing care to be more efficient and responsive.

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Zillah Moore, UK & Ireland Marketing Director at Tunstall Healthcare, said: “To be recognised as leading innovators in the assisted living space is a huge honour for our team who have worked tirelessly to monitor and improve the lives of vulnerable people, including individuals living in care homes.

“We’re equally delighted with the accolade for the Tunstall Carecom product from the Care Home Awards. Products like Carecom are pivotal for the future of healthcare as it moves away from the traditional one-size-fits-all approach and offers a modular and customisable solution, enabling nursing care homes and carers to manage challenges and deliver effective, high quality and person-centred care.”

Tunstall Healthcare recently published a report, in coordination with Public Policy Projects, which explores the progress of digital innovation in healthcare over the past five months with specific regard to telehealth, telecare, telemedicine and assistive technologies.

The assistive technology specialist is now calling for the UK health and care system to embrace the rapid implementation of digital technology seen over the course of the coronavirus pandemic and speed up the uptake of technology enabled care services (TECS) across the system.

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