Quickie_Jive_Technical_1Three years on from the original launch of the Quickie Jive M – we are taking the SpiderTrac system to the next level to provide:

  • 500% increased longevity
  • Increased performance
  • A softer ride

All new Quickie Jive M’s will feature V2 of the SpiderTrac technology.

The science

A nickel plated suspension rod with polished contact surfaces delivers a smoother ride and increased longevity. A NEW Secondary Dampening System (SDS) integrated into the rear castor arm works to buffer all minute high-frequency movements and bumps from the ride, leaving the gas strut to focus on changes in gradient – resulting in an increase in the parts longevity and smoothing out the ride.

To find out more about the Quickie Jive M, visit the website HERE

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