A Finish company has released a new innovation designed to encourage a more active lifestyle for those who require support walking.

Tukimet, a walking aids specialist based in Finland, has released the aptly named Wheellator which combines the features of both a rollator and a wheelchair.

wheellatorThe device can be used to provide walking support like a normal rollator, but is also capable of transforming into a wheelchair should the user become fatigued. Once in wheelchair mode, the user can move independently by manual propulsion or be pushed by an assistant.

The company hopes the innovation will encourage people to walk further and remain healthier, giving users the peace of mind of being able to go for a walk with an easy alternative solution on hand should they become too tired to continue.

The Wheellator came into existence following the departure of one of the company’s long-time foremen and innovators, Seppo. A tradition at Tukimet is to present retiring staff with a custom rollator as a gift and staff were keen to provide Seppo with something special.

After coming across some old wheelchair wheels in storage, employees attached them to a walking aid and after doing some tweaking and testing, they found the device to be highly functional.

The first Wheellator was handed over to Seppo the day he retired in the fall of 2013 and has continued to be developed into a fully functional walking aid and wheelchair.

To see the device in action, watch the video below:

Now the company is currently searching fo resellers interested in selling the product to the UK market.

To find out more information about the product, visit the website HERE and for information on the company, visit the website HERE

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