The latest exciting products to enter the market in pressure care, beds and mattresses. (From Sept, 2017)

Adjustable bed engineered for comfort

Choosing the right sleep surface is imperative for a comfortable night’s sleep and the Elan adjustable bed from Adjustamatic Healthcare Retail aims to deliver just that.

Featuring medically-proven technology, the Elan is a wall-hugging model designed to ensure superior adjustable positioning for comfort. Engineered to promote health, luxury, and comfort, the Elan offers advanced postural support and an extensive amount of adjustments to find an ideal sleep position.

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The Elan comes with up to 15-year guarantee, Bluetooth remote control, and up to 28 stone capacity. A range of health mattresses are also available.

Shear Comfort with natural wool overlays

Made from natural sheep’s wool, Shear Comfort Overlays help redistribute pressure to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers, protect the skin & joints and add comfort to a bed or seat.

The overlays also reduce friction to accommodate movement and help regulate the body’s temperature and are available in a range of shapes and sizes to fit any mattress.

Also available in neonatal sizes for cots and prams, the wool overlays also help protect against maceration.

Pressure mapping like no other?

BodiTrak is an affordable pressure mapping system that can be used to help retailers and healthcare professionals compare cushions and bed mattresses for their customers, enabling them to make the right choice based on customers’ needs.

Unlike traditional pressure mapping systems, the BodiTrak mat has no attached interface module. Instead, its electronics are built into the mat, with just a simple cable to plug the mat into a USB port of a PC, laptop, or Android tablet.

This makes the BodiTrak system the most portable and ready to use choice on the market, with the user only needing to unroll the mat from its bag, plug it into a laptop and take readings within seconds.

The new fabric of the BodiTrak mat is flexible and contours to an individual’s body and the support surface, allowing for highly accurate pressure mapping results.

Revolutionary Air-Cell technology

Despite a history spanning five decades of manufacture and distribution, many people associate Sumed with ROHO since for 14 years, the company was the exclusive distributor for the brand in mainland Britain.

Now the supplier has announced it will be distributing POLYAIR in the UK and Ireland.

Developed by SYST’AM in France, POLYAIR is manufactured from Laxprene using a dipping process. The material has amazing properties in terms of tear strength and elasticity, being softer, stronger and more than fifteen times more elastic than neoprene – the material used in many other air cell products.

Another key feature which attracted Sumed was the single-hand inflation with click-fit pressure gauge, ensuring accurate inflation and regular checking either by user or carer

New product sure to turn beds

Alpine HC has launched a new range of turning adjustable beds to complement their existing range of profiling beds. The beds are all designed to help patients reach a standing position independently through advanced mechanisms such as rotational mattress platforms and front exit tilt.

The new range includes a rotating chair bed that can be fitted with an existing bed base and a customisable rotating chair bed with head/foot board and wood colour options.

Mattress Topper for those on the go

Including an internal zipped, machine washable poly-cotton cover with an added external draw-string travel bag, these travel toppers fro Putnams are ideal for the customer on the move.

Made from a plush 1” memory foam core, the travel toppers can smooth out the lumps and bumps whilst also reducing pressure points on an existing mattress whether it is camping, in a motorhome or even on a guest bed.

Available in double or single, the toppers are suitable for all customers and act as an ideal window product to draw customers in according to the company.

True Low Air Loss Mattress System from APEX Medical

Designed for use in both the Acute and Community sectors, the modern Serene True Low Air Loss mattress replacement system offers pressure reduction for patients who are better suited to this type of therapy.

The Serene can also aid with MicroClimate Management by helping to increase the MVTR rate with its low air loss technology as the pump provides 120lpm of air flow from the mattress.

The system provides immersion and envelopment therapy for patients, helping to reduce the pressure on a user’s body across its whole surface area. To help increase immersion and redistribution of pressure around the heel area, the Serene mattress includes a heel zone section.

An eight-hour transport mode is also featured to prevent the patient from bottoming out in the event of a power failure or during internal transportation within the healthcare setting.

Aerospacer range uses innovative textile

Aerospacer Cushion

The new reactive therapeutic support cushion, comprising of 3D spacer textile, is evidenced to provide effective pressure redistribution, reduce temperature & moisture at the skin/surface interface, reduce shear strain and improve comfort levels when compared to high specification foam

Due to the unique construction of the cushion and the properties of 3D spacer textile, instead of a ‘one style fits all’ approach, the AeroSpacer cushion performs subtly different depending on the orientation of the cushion, i.e. whether number 1, 2, 3 or 4 is positioned to the front. Therefore, users may perceive one orientation to feel more comfortable or supportive depending on their anatomy. Some users may also find one orientation helps to support asymmetric posture.

The cushion can be laundered, not only improving governance with infection prevention procedures but also providing cash savings due to extended product life.

AreoSpacer Heel-Off-Loader

The new AeroSpacer Heel-Off-Loader provides a clinically effective and cost-effective alternative to current heel off-loading devices that, according to the company, eliminates the many drawbacks of existing heel off-loading devices.

Comprised of innovative 3D spacer textile, the solution does not cause sweating, with the textile having been demonstrated to effectively manage microclimate.

Other benefits include enhanced pressure redistribution and reduced shear stress, improved comfort and increased concordance with use and improved governance with infection prevention and extended product life as it can be laundered between patients.

Importantly, the Heel Off-Loader does not inhibit mobilisation and stays put even with restless patients thanks to the non-slip base of the welded Xtreme, moisture vapour permeable, waterproof cover.

Simple Plus and Hybrid-Air Plus mattress from Drive

Simple Plus

The affordable Simple Plus Mattress is a dynamic mattress replacement system used for the prevention of pressure ulcers. This product is manufactured adhering to strict industry standards, giving the provider and consumer peace of mind.

To assist with risk assessments and clinical judgment, the system is designed to cater for heavier individuals, offering a weight limit of up to 400kg / 62.9 stones and is suitable for individuals who are at ‘high risk’ of developing pressure ulcers in accordance with EPUAP guidelines.

Hybrid-Air Plus

The Hybrid-Air Plus Mattress is one of the first non-powered hybrid mattresses currently on the market that again caters for the larger individual, offering a weight limit of 319kgs / 50 stones. The bi-foam cell technology is clinically proven and as no pump is required, cost and storage requirements are reduced.

To aid with decontamination protocols and reduce cost, the Hybrid-Air Plus has a 360° zip, which allows for the top or bottom cover to be replaced individually.

Manufactured in the UK, the mattress adheres to British Standards.

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