find-a-physioWith the launch of the UK’s first and only Find-A-Physio app, patients can now quickly and conveniently find, search and book a Chartered Health and Care Professions registered Physiotherapist from the palm of their hand.

Whilst working as a physiotherapist in the military, national sport and private practice, Thomas Sowter, founder of Find-a-Physio began to notice a significant problem; just how difficult it was for potential patients not only to find and book a physiotherapist but to learn about their injury. There were possibly hundreds of thousands of people with injuries for whom physiotherapy wasn’t a consideration. Adding to this, they didn’t have access to the physiotherapy profession; a world which was usually filled with jargon and difficult to digest information. It became apparent that it was almost impossible for individuals to learn about their injuries and most importantly acquire the treatment, support and rehabilitation needed. Find-a-Physio was born.

The initial website was designed for the general public, not only for them to learn about their injury but to also find and book a local physiotherapy appointment. The website soon grew and the needs of physiotherapists were also identified. The website and app now provide a platform for up and coming courses, potential job opportunities and most importantly blogs, podcasts and critical reviews, enabling physiotherapists to keep up to date with their Continued Professional Development.

With development comes innovation and after dedicated research to the needs of the public, Find-a-Physio decided to take the website beyond the computer screen and into everyone’s hands – via the UK’s first iPhone App. The app marks an important stage for not only Find-a-Physio but the health profession as a whole, by going beyond the laptop or computer screen into the mobile world, engaging and helping the general public receive the treatment they need in an easy, efficient and convenient way.

The Find-a-Physio app is the first in the UK and not only enables people to find and book a physiotherapist in their area but allows people to learn about common injuries and the treatments physiotherapists offer. The app also acts as a platform for the physiotherapy community; helping to unite physiotherapists across the country and to help reinforce the values of the profession and enhance professional development.

Find out more about Find-a_Physio on their website HERE

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