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The OT Service, a private occupational therapy company, and A1 Risk Solutions, a manual handling training and risk management solutions firm, have announced an important assessment and training collaboration.

The collaboration will ensure that the highest-quality accredited moving and handling training and assessment is accessible across the UK and beyond. It will utilise the unique, expert skills of both organisations to deliver bespoke packages of training and clinical support.

A1 Risk Solutions is one of the national and international leaders in single-handed care, in the field of moving and handling. It provides support and training for independent practitioners, local authorities, NHS trusts, care providers, case managers, commissioners, equipment suppliers, care homes and expert court witnesses.

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Deborah Harrison, Founder of A1 Risk Solutions, has previously written two articles for AT Today about the impact that adopting single-handed care has had on local authorities and NHS organisations.

The first article, ‘Single-handed care Part One: The winning formula’, explores barriers to single-handed care, who to engage with, and potential benefits of implementing single-handed care. ‘Single-Handed Care Part Two: The winning formula’ examines the principle barriers in-depth, introduces the concept of an engagement day, provides ideas on setting this up, and explains how it helps with the implementation of a single-handed care strategy.

The OT Service is one of the UK’s foremost private sector occupational therapy companies, providing expert, client centred and holistic occupation focused assessment and intervention for individuals, case managers, solicitors, insurers, retailers, manufacturers, and businesses.

Kate Sheehan, Director of The OT Service, has previously written an article for AT Today in conjunction with specialist seating firm Repose Furniture about what to take into consideration when specifying a chair for someone with Parkinson’s.

Throughout the next month, as part of the new collaboration, A1 Risk Solutions and The OT Service will be releasing more material about training and assessment opportunities.

To find out more, email admin@a1risksolutions.co.uk or admin@theotservice.co.uk

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