Closomat, a specialist in accessible toileting, has combined a series of wellness functions in its latest Asana unit to improve users’ cleanliness and positively contribute to particular health conditions.

Contemporary in style, the wall-hung Asana looks like, and can be used as, a conventional toilet. Additionally, at the push of a button, the toilet flushes then douches.

A range of “wellness” wash options – steady, rotating or pulsing spray, variable water temperature, and variable douche jet – can be chosen to meet users’ personal requirements. In addition, all functions can be selected together via the integrated buttons on the side of the toilet bowl or via remote control.

The douche features are automatically followed by graduated warm air drying (from warm to cool), leaving the user effectively and consistently clean.

“Closomat was the first company to introduce the concept of shower toilets into the UK,” observed Robin Tuffley, Closomat’s marketing manager.

“Our Asana is the latest evolution in multi-functional shower toilets, delivering the highest standards of hygiene, comfort and wellness.

“We have taken care to make the Asana as intuitive as possible to use: all you have to do is stay sat down and push a button. No need to reach for paper or contort to wipe clean.

“So however mobile or otherwise the user is, they can achieve ultimate cleanliness, in style.”

Founded almost 60 years ago, Closomat is a supplier of enabling toileting technology, to help people achieve dignified and effective cleanliness after toileting.

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