Accessible bathroom without AKW’s task focused lighting, showing uneven lighting, shadows and dark areas

Available from March 2019, accessibility solutions provider AKW has launched a new task-focused bathroom lighting range.

The lighting range is also accompanied by an ‘AKW Lighting Guide for Accessible Bathrooms’ that has been developed in conjunction with occupational therapists. It is available to download from here and explains how to light accessible bathrooms to promote independence and help reduce accidents.

To make life easier for specifiers and installers, AKW has created a Task Focused Lighting Kit within the range that contains the right type and quantity of lights to illuminate an 8ft by 6ft bathroom space for those with low vision and mobility issues.

Accessible bathroom with AKW’s task-focused lighting to ensure the bathroom is sufficiently lit

The kit contains five narrow beam ceiling LED task lights: three for the bath/shower zone and two for the toilet and sink areas, two long lasting, bright (1764lm) LED ceiling lights for ambient lighting of the space and a blue pull-cord switch – which is especially important for those with sight loss or dementia. All of the products featured in the AKW Task Focused Lighting Kit can also be bought separately for larger bathroom installations.

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In addition, the wider AKW lighting range also includes LED lights with dimming sensor and emergency functions, as well as pull cord switch, timer controlled and humidistat bathroom fans and LED bathroom light product packages.

Stuart Reynolds, Head of Product and Marketing at AKW, commented: “For those with low vision or mobility issues, the avoidance of shadows, dark areas and glare is key to safe movement around the bathroom. To overcome this, a mix of task-specific and overall ambient lighting is needed to ensure the bathroom is sufficiently lit.

“By adding our new lighting range to our existing vinyl flooring, tiling and timber offerings, installers and specifiers can come to AKW for even more of the components needed for a bathroom adaptation, saving time and reducing the risk of delay for an installation.”

AKW provides showering, daily living and kitchen solutions for people with mobility needs.

The company works closely with OTs and healthcare professionals to design and manufacture easy access showering, kitchens and mobility support products. AKW’s clients include local authorities, housing associations as well as national and regional contractors.

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