You can easily help someone who suffers from hearing loss during this year’s Deaf Awareness Week, taking place from Monday 15th to the 21st of May 2017.  In the UK one person in every six suffers some sort of hearing loss, causing exclusion from conversations and often society.

Helping inform people what specialised products and technology are available can help those who suffer from hearing loss become more included in conversations, listen to the television or talk on the phone.

Deaf Awareness Week aims to improve understanding of the different types of deafness by highlighting the many different methods of communication used by deaf, deafened, deaf-blind and hard of hearing people.

Talking on the phone and keeping in touch daily with friends and family is something most take for granted, however, those with hearing loss have special needs and require particular products.  There are many telephones available that are suitable for homes with different hearing needs, so individuals can set their preference for sound levels that work with or without hearing aids. These type of solutions are often used successfully by those who are registered profoundly deaf.


There are a number of products available on the market, from mobile phones which have high Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) ratings with amplified calls, such as the amplicomms M9500 Smartphone, to wireless TV Listeners like the amplicomms TV200 headset, that amplify volume levels on TVs and other devices without disturbing everyone else. The TV200 headset even has a built-in microphone so the headset can be switched on or off to pick up close proximity noises, helping ensure users aren’t excluded from conversations and noises around them.

European Sales Director for Amplicomms, Ran Meyrav, said: “Products like amplified mobiles and domestic telephones help people with hearing loss take back their independence and stay connected with friends and family. Sadly, too many people ignore their hearing loss and slip into a life of isolation and frustration when there’s really no need to.”

Supported by over one hundred deaf charities and organisations under the umbrella of the UK Council on Deafness, Deaf Awareness Week involves a UK-wide series of national and local events.

To find out more about some of the hearing solutions available from amplicomms, visit the website HERE

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