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At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), hearing product specialist Olive Union won the title of ‘Best Wearable’ for its Olive Smart Ear at the Best of CES Awards 2020.

The Best of CES Awards celebrate the most innovative products on display at the global exhibition each year.

Recognised amongst thousands of other products for its innovation, attractive design, efficiency and market demand, the Olive Smart Ear looks like regular wireless earphones while still amplifying the wearer’s hearing.

Providing individuals with an affordable solution, the Olive Smart Hear helps the wearer hear sounds with more clarity, such as conversations with friends or listening to a waiter in a crowded restaurant.

Importantly, the hearing aid helps tackle the negative associations with traditional hearing aid due to a seamless and camouflaged design as the Olive Smart Hear looks like conventional wireless earphones. This sleek design combined with hearing-enhancing functions makes the aid desirable for people with hearing impairments to wear.

Additionally, the device connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth and users complete a five-minute hearing test using Olive’s app to calibrate each user’s personalised settings. Users can then use the app to choose sound settings according to their personal preferences.

With noise-cancelling functions built into the earphones, the app can also be used to make calls and listen to music without interference.

Olive Union Founder and CEO Owen Song commented: “We’re determined to remove barriers for people to improve their hearing. We feel one step closer to making this a reality since being chosen for a ‘Best of CES Award’ at the world’s largest and most prestigious electronics show.

“It is accessible and affordable, and our hope is that people wear it proudly, without the shame or embarrassment of a traditional behind-the-ear hearing aid.”

To find out more about the pioneering device, visit Olive’s website

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