A new collaboration between medical device supplier Arjo and Swedish-based technology company Next Step Dynamics is working on new solutions to address the issue of falls amongst the elderly and disabled.

Having a significant, and sometimes fatal, impact on the lives of elderly people, falls are the second leading cause of accidental or unintentional injury deaths globally, with injuries such as hip fractures turning into far more high-risk illnesses.

Aiming to address the problem of falls, the new partnership will look to bring new solutions to healthcare professionals and their clients focusing on the predicting and preventing of injuries.

One example that has been created is a smart wearable device that analyses patient data and resident well-being, including balance, lower body strength and sleep, to help healthcare professionals predict the risk of a fall amongst their clients.

The risk is shared with care providers, allowing them to take preventive action based on a scientific deep learning algorithm. Reviewed by more than 160 healthcare professionals, the solution is suitable for use by care units and in the home.

Joacim Lindoff, President & CEO of Arjo, commented: “This partnership is very much in line with our digitalization strategy and offers a fantastic opportunity for us to develop innovations that can really make a difference for both the users and healthcare professionals, as well as for society in general, for example by reducing the cost of care.”

Specialising in predictive analytics for development of preventive healthcare solutions, Next Step Dynamics provide services for fall risk prediction and dementia, including fall risk assessment, monitoring, alert systems and digitisation of systems and paperwork.

Arjo will spend £6 million (SEK 70 M) and will grant the company global exclusive rights to commercialise and distribute solutions generated from this collaboration.

The collaboration to finalise and commercialise these new technologies will begin as of July 1st 2018 confirmed Arjo, with sales and distribution of the smart wearable and other innovations planned to begin in 2019.

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