Alex Paterson imageGrandfather Alex Paterson has added to his incredible prosthetic arm with a new lifelike hand from Dorset Orthopaedic.

Alex, 58, from Hempstead in Gloucestershire, is the UK’s first above-elbow amputee to have pioneering targeted muscle reinnervation and osseointegration – which means his prosthetic arm is connected directly to the bone in his residual limb and can be controlled by muscles in Alex’s chest – and has now added a high definition hand made from silicone.

The hand, which Alex wanted to have for special occasions, was made by specialist technicians at Dorset Orthopaedic.

The painstaking process to make the hand began with technicians taking a cast of Alex’s sound hand, as well as details on things like nail colour, freckles and follicles before matching the skin colours correctly with the wide range of sample colours they have in stock.

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They then used a standard prosthetic hand to mould it into the right shape for Alex, before adding the layers of silicone one by one until the desired colours are achieved. Hand-crafted silicone nails were also added, as well as pink shades for the knuckles and palm.

Once happy with the shape, the hand was smoothed out and then, with the help of Alex’s input, they made minor adjustments and added in the finer details before the silicone was hardened for the final result.

Now, Alex can change his hand to whatever situation suits him at the time, from his high definition silicone cosmetic hand to his durable Greifer hand for tasks in his workshop at home.

Alex said: “My new hand is amazing, it’s like it’s never been gone. I can’t say enough about the silicone technicians at Dorset. The level of craftsmanship, the attention to detail and the amazing final product, is just incredible. I just want to say thanks to my now extended family at Dorset Orthopaedic for their continued care and support.”

Matt Hooton, the specialist technician who made the hand, commented: “Alex was really happy with the final hand and we wish him well with using it in the future.”

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