Permobil Progeo Noir 2.0 image

Permobil, which manufactures a range of mobility and seating products, has announced that the customisable Progeo Noir 2.0 carbon fibre active manual wheelchair is available now in the UK.

The Progeo Noir 2.0 combines the benefits of carbon with the manoeuvrability of a made-to-measure wheelchair. According to Permobil, these two elements combined help to give the user an optimal balanced ride allowing for energy saving throughout the day.

Barry Reeve, UK Sales Representative for Permobil, exclusively told AT Today’s sister publication THIIS: “I’m really excited about the Noir 2.0, as it differs from other carbon fibre wheelchairs on the market.

“The construction of the monocoque carbon fibre frame is so robust, that you are able to use power assist devices with the chair, such as the SmartDrive MX2+, or a front-mounted power trike. It’s the perfect balance between durability and lightweight, as well as offering a sleek design.”

The chair frame can be personalised with a variety of colour options, including grey, red, blue, grey, and black.

It can also be configured to suit the user’s requirements in terms of size, and performance preference. These configurations include the following: seat width and depth, seat-to-floor height, front frame angle, centre of gravity, the backrest angle and heigh, the front castor size style, the rear wheel size and style, the wheel locks, and the backrest upholstery style.

Barry continued: “Each user is assessed for their needs and the chair is made to order – the dealer will work with the user to understand their requirements.

“Some users are well aware of what they want, whereas some users may need some guidance from the dealers who have extensive experience working with active manual wheelchair users.”

Permobil launched the Progeo Noir 2.0 in November 2021 along with 11 other Progeo manual wheelchairs.

Last year, Permobil published a whitepaper to demonstrate the benefits of powered standing wheelchairs for providing clinical outcomes and improvement of functions.

Overall, the whitepaper found that power standing leads to functional benefits in activities of daily living, communication and education. It also suggested that power standing could benefit range of motion and muscle length both in children and in adults with a range of mobility impairments.

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