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A Gloucestershire-based independent care provider has recently completed a 46-bed extension on its home for clients with dementia and nursing care requirements with the help of specialist bathing and care equipment provider Astor Bannerman.

Having worked with the contractor on a similar project, Astor Bannerman was recommended to the company to supply ceiling track hoists in an effort to future proof the needs of the home.

With floor space at a premium, the company wanted to move away from the traditional style mobile hoists, which need to be stored away when not in use. Also, as using a ceiling hoist system normally only requires one carer to operate, this enables the company to adapt to the possible implications of Brexit on staffing levels.

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During the installation, Astor Bannerman successfully added an XY (H-frame) hoist system into three assisted bathrooms and added 3m straight track OT200 hoists in six bedrooms, allowing simple transfer in an out of bed.

Fixings were also installed during the main build in the remaining 40 bedrooms, enabling the care provider to retrofit track and hoists as and it requires them at any point in the future.

The fixing method was done over several stages. Astor Bannerman installed steel uni-strut above each floor (beam and block) before the skim layer was laid, threaded rods through the floor, finishing just below the suspended ceiling level and then capped off for a neat finish.

The company says this was a cost-effective approach for the care provider, which may not know how many hoists it will require in the home at the point of the build, enabling it to install additional track/hoists in the future.

Astor Bannerman case study image

Helping to reduce carer back strain, the small Astor OT200 overhead ceiling track hoist makes patient transfer easier from wheelchair to bath and changing area, whilst preserving the dignity of the user.

A unique dynamo gravity-powered charging system within the Astor OT200 hoist means the unit is automatically charged when in use and can remain charged for more than 150 lifts. It also includes a no-tools emergency lowering system.

The Astor OT200 ceiling hoist can be fitted to a curved, straight or H frame (XY) ceiling track for full room coverage, and the compact design and flexible fitting options mean this hoist can also be installed to the wall or on a free-standing gantry.

This makes it a handy patient handling solution for use with assisted baths and showering/changing equipment within domestic and care home bathrooms, bedrooms, wet rooms and Changing Places toilet facilities.

Additionally, this style ceiling hoist is operated at the touch of a button to raise and lower the client. The motor can then transport manually (two functions) or via the handset (four functions).

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