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Following the government announcing over half a billion pounds of funding for Disabled Facilities Grants (DFGs), deliverers are being reminded of how to utilise available resources to optimise efficient execution by bathroom specialist Closomat.

“A pot of £505m has been allocated for 2020/21. Almost 60% of grants allocated in 2018/19 were for less than £5000, and more than half the adaptations completed involved the bathroom,” observes Stephen Edwards, Head of Marketing at Closomat – a leading domestic disabled toilet manufacturer.

The company notes that it already has a comprehensively trained nationwide team of product specialists to work alongside local authority adaptation teams to help accelerate efficient, person-centred assessment of recipients’ requirements. Closomat also stresses it can also help assess how the adaptation can be most effectively implemented, as far as toilet requirements are concerned, to deliver a positive outcome where the recipient is empowered to remain in their own home.

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The expertise includes adapting the WC to enable the disabled person to use it without care intervention (such as replacing it with a wash dry toilet to eliminate the cleaning and hygiene issues), through to aids to assist with their independent or supported safe transfer on and off the WC via toilet lifter or ceiling track hoist.

“We take a holistic approach to a person’s limitations and look at the most effective way to enable them, as far as possible, to carry out their own intimate care without intervention,” adds Stephen.

“We balance that alongside the specific issues of each property, and what can be safely achieved. Our team has the knowledge and training to think about the little things that affect the efficient delivery of a DFG – even down to waste pipe access. Thus we can help expedite delivery to address the imbalance between need and supply.”

Local authorities and Home Improvement Agencies wanting to access Closomat’s support can contact 0800 374 076

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