Closomat Asana imageAccessible toileting provider Closomat has launched a new management service for its clients for its Asana shower toilet by overseeing different elements of the installation process, making the process as stress-free as possible.

The new service will see an expert from Closomat’s team oversee all aspects of configuration, installation and future servicing and maintenance to ensure the Asana toilet is smoothly integrated into the individual’s house. It also ensures that the equipment is compliant with new build, and refurbishment, projects.

Closomat hopes that this management service will simplify the specification and installation process for its clients.

Robin Tuffley, Marketing Manager at Closomat, explains: “The whole concept of using a shower (wash & dry) toilet such as the Asana can take some adjustment, particularly if it is the result of a life-changing incident.

“Our aim is to make the transition as seamless and stress-free as possible, for all involved. That aim started with the very design of the Asana, to make it aspirational in both its aesthetics and its performance. It continues with the array of options that enable personalisation to individual choice.

“Our project management is the finishing touch: we know all the aspects that need to be considered, so can ensure everything possible is done to ensure the whole install is executed as expeditiously as possible, to all legal requirements.”

According to Closomat, its Asana toilet offers the best experience in intimate hygiene, providing integrated douching and drying, which removes the need to manually clean oneself after going to the toilet.

Contemporary in style, the toilet also features a range of options, including flush mechanisms, flush plates and mounting panels.

The Asana is the latest product in the company’s range of bathroom fixtures and fittings, designed to enable independent living. The range includes shower seats, shower chairs, ceiling track hoists, washbasins, changing benches, toilet lifters and a body drier.

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