Quantum Rehab Stretto imageFollowing feedback from clients for the desire for a smaller powerchair that is still suitable for indoor and outdoor use, Quantum Rehab has unveiled its new “small but mighty” Stretto model.

The Stretto model builds on Quantum’s popular Edge 3 powerchair and boasts a variety of features that appeal to clients, including its enhanced 4.5mph iLevel innovation, patented Extra Stability Technology, upgraded SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) and Interactive Assist capability.

Speaking with Kevin Atkins, Senior Sales Manager at Quantum Rehab, back in May, he explained that following the success of the Edge 3, the company wanted to release a new model to meet the demands of clients in the UK.

“It is something our customers have been asking for,” he told AT Today at the time. “They tell us that they love the Quantum range but they want a slightly smaller version suitable for indoor use, but still with great outdoors capabilities, so the US team has responded and we have something very special to bring to the market later this year.”

Quantum Rehab Stretto imageIncorporating all the same technology found in the Edge 3, including the lauded iLevel technology, the narrower and more compact 52cm (20.5”) wheelbase of the Stretto creates a much narrower footprint to enable users to navigate tighter indoor spaces easier whilst still enabling them to conveniently reach new heights.

Also including 62amp batteries for greater range and various wheel size options, the new model opens up all of the Edge 3’s impressive features to adults looking for a compact powerchair.

It is also a suitable option for disabled children due to its more compact size.

Discussing the launch of the Stretto, Kevin told AT Today: “The feedback from our customers has been fantastic. Everyone is loving the style and performance of the Edge 3 Stretto.”

Established in 2000 by American mobility manufacturing giant Pride Mobility, Quantum Rehab was created with the specific aim of addressing more complex mobility and rehabilitation needs.

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