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Photo left: Dani Sharp, Marketing Manager, Donna McQuire Business & Clinical Manager, Neil Smith CEO, Jean Hutfield – NAEP Chair & Sue Dolman National Sales Manager

At this year’s National Association of Equipment Providers (NAEP) Annual Conference, a new hybrid mattress was launched following a successful trial with a specific and complex patient case.

Created by Herida Healthcare, the Herida Yorkshire is a pressure relieving, air and foam combined hybrid mattress using the latest Combustion Modified Ether foam, along with Permobil’s Single Compartment Sensor Ready cushion.

Developed in partnership with Permobil, Neil Smith, Herida’s CEO and head of the company’s research and development team, explained how a meeting with Moving & Handing and Tissue Viability Services led to the accelerating of the mattress’ creation.

The company was approached by both the Moving & Handing and Tissue Viability Services to help try and find a suitable mattress for a patient who had suffered severe pressure damage.

Having already a large range of support surfaces from various manufacturers unsuccessfully, Herida decided to explore a product that it was at the time in the stages of development, combining Permobil’s Roho technology and with some of the very high-risk foam benefits of Herida’s Avon range.

The combination worked and the first Herida Yorkshire was born explained Neil.

“After discussing the case with the Lead Tissue Viability Nurse and Moving & Handling expert involved, alongside the teams at both Permobil & Herida, we all felt it was appropriate to drive the project forward and this would be an ideal case study to try and help the patient concerned and importantly her quality of life,” continued Neil.

“Thankfully, with appropriate supervision, the results turned out to be a great success.”

The new mattress was found to produce significant improvements in the patients and following the clinical evaluation, the Herida team augmented the final stages of mass production to launch the new mattress at NAEP.

In addition to turning heads and grabbing attention at the show, the new mattress also won the Innovative Product of the Year award.

Accepting the award from Jean Hutfield, Chair of N.A.E.P, Neil told us: “I’d like to thank the delegates who actually voted for this prestigious and highly recognised award and of course the organisers of N.A.E.P, who work so hard to bring the event to reality every year.

“I’m so pleased that against such stiff competition, they felt the need to vote for the Herida Yorkshire.”

In particular, Neil gave special recognition towards the supervising Tissue Viability Nurse, Maria Hughes and Moving & Handling expert, Margaret Huxley, both of whom led the case and of Wirral Community NHS Trust. Additionally, he thanked Chris Shine, Key Account Manager & Gordon Cunningham, General Manager, both of Permobil UK.

“The Herida team, led by Sue Dolman – National Sales Manager, along with Dani Sharp – Marketing Manager and Donna McQuire – Business & Clinical Manager also played a key function in this product development process,” added Neil.

“It’s also important to recognise that local support was on offer from various Leeds business organisation, such as the Economic Development Fund and Manufacturing Growth programmes. Through all of these people and organisations working together, this importantly helped deliver a solution for this lady involved, who I’m delighted to say was extremely grateful.”

Highlighting that importance of the award, Neil finished: “Equally important is the fact we have been able to launch a highly credible, cost-effective solution, for very high risk and complex patients, with severe and existing pressure damage, alongside our partners of this specific project at Permobil.

“This award also helps recognise Yorkshire industry and nursing excellence working together to achieve true innovation in often technologically and clinically demanding environments.”

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