North Yorkshire Council assistive technology service imageNorth Yorkshire County Council has commissioned NRS Healthcare to provide an assistive technology service to residents in the North Yorkshire area, helping them maintain independence.

Assistive technology includes equipment that can aid people to live at home independently, as well as monitored services, where devices in the home are linked to a call centre, where someone will be alerted if the client need assistance.

Assistive devices also include GPS trackers, fall detectors and epilepsy monitors that do not connect to a call centre, but which can be used to alert care staff, family or friends when the person needs help.

County Councillor Michael Harrison, Executive Member for Adult Social Care and Health Integration, commented: “The County Council has been providing assistive technology services for people living in North Yorkshire for several years.

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“We have recently appointed NRS Healthcare to manage the whole process across the county, providing a single, joined up service from referral, assessment, installation and servicing.

“Just as importantly, we wanted a strategic partner to help us to turn assistive technology into a core part of the health and social care services we deliver.”

Health and social care professionals working for the County Council or the NHS can identify clients they think will benefit from assistive technology and send the referral to NRS. The NRS triage team examines each referral and decides whether an assessment can be completed over the phone or at the person’s home, and what the priority level is.

If the triage officer feels a face-to-face assessment is required, they will send an occupational therapist or assistive technology specialist to visit the client, assess their needs and, if possible, install the appropriate equipment on site. They will follow up a few weeks after installation to ensure everything is working correctly and will service and repair the equipment as and when required.

People with other eligible care and support needs may get help to pay for their assistive technology service following a financial assessment. People who self-fund their care and support can ask NRS for a private pay option, or can choose to use other local providers.

To find out more information, people can visit the NRS Telecare website here

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