Flintshire Council launches North Wales Together image
Image: Flintshire Council

Flintshire Council, based in Wales, has announced a new service for people with learning disabilities called North Wales Together, which aims to ensure health and social services work together better to support people with learning disabilities.

North Wales Together held its first ever conference in Llandudno recently, which introduced its newly established North Wales Together Project Team, who will be working in partnership on the programme’s five workstreams.

These are: integrated working, workforce development, assistive technology, commissioning & procurement, and community and culture change.

In addition, the conference brought together people with a learning disability, their family members and carers and representatives from health, social services, community, voluntary and the third sector.

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It highlighted key themes that are integral to the health and well-being of people with learning disabilities, such as:

  • Voice and control – putting the individual and their needs at the centre of their care and giving them a voice in, and control over, reaching the outcomes that help them achieve well-being.
  • Prevention and early intervention – increasing preventative services within the community to minimise the escalation of critical need.
  • Well-being – supporting people to achieve their own well-being and measuring the success of care and support.
  • Co-production – encouraging individuals to become more involved in the design and delivery of services.
Flintshire Council launches North Wales Together image
Image: Flintshire Council

North Wales Together is a two-year transformation project funded by the Welsh Government.

Flintshire County Council’s cabinet member for social services, Councillor Christine Jones, said: “This is a really exciting project and one of its main priorities is to establish effective communication between people who have a learning disability and others.  As part of this, the team will develop and provide concise and easily accessible information.

“The team is developing a communication strategy, there will be regular bulletins, information via social media communications and regular events for the families and various stakeholders.”

The Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) also recently launched a report highlighting a greater need to support people with learning disabilities.

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