Prism Medical Mackworth Essentials Mobile Hoist image

Prism Medical UK has launched the Mackworth Essentials Mobile Hoist, cutting the cost of the device by including only “essential” components and features.

Boasting a lifting capacity of 180kg, powered leg opening and three-year warranty with a low price, the company says hoist represents real value for money in its class.

Speaking with Geoff Lynch, Business Development Manager for Prism Medical UK, he told AT Today that the new moving and handling solution was created in response for more economy solutions.

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“Mackworth mobile hoists have been around for quite some time and include a massive range that is able to go down very low and rise really high. What many of our customers told us, however, is that they do not always need that full range but they do need a lower price because of budgetary concerns,” he commented.

“What we have done is to use cost-effective materials and only include key features to reduce the manufacturing process. The savings by including only the essential components has allowed us to reduce the price to customers significantly whilst still offering an electric leg opening as standard, which many healthcare providers really like.”

In addition to the electric leg opening, the Mackworth Essential Mobile Hoist includes a Linak JumboCare hand control, actuators and motors, as well as a red, emergency lowering screw and single person installation.

“Importantly, we are offering competitive pricing without sacrificing quality,” added Geoff.

“I think we are seeing a shift in many customers priorities, with many no longer concerned about having the prettiest product on the market. Instead, customers want something that is durable, reliable, and affordable, helping budgets stretch further, which is particularly essential for customers purchasing in bulk.”

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