MIP UK Washable Sonoma Blue Bedpad image

Healthcare textile firm MIP UK has launched its new Washable Sonoma Blue Bedpad, which comes with and without tucks and is a new colour addition to its Sonoma Bedpad range.

As part of its continence care range, Sonoma Bed Pads are made up of three layers. The top layer is made of a comfortable quilted polyester that is both hardwearing and soft to the touch. The second is an absorbent soaker layer that has a capacity of up to three litres. Lastly, a PVC fluid-proof bottom layer protects the bed, and the outer surface also helps the pad stay in the optimum position.

As a washable bed pad, Sonoma is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to disposable bed pads, the company says.

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Steve Gould, Business Development Manager at MIP UK, exclusively told AT Today that these reusable bed pads are high performance and create “significantly less waste” than disposable pads.

The bed pads are also a great solution for long-term bed pad users according to Steve.

He added: “MIP’s Washable Bed Pad range offers great absorbency, colour options and easy laundering. This gives the user confidence to manage their condition in a cost effective, quality driven package which delivers the required protection time after time.”

Paul Crabtree, Managing Director of MIP UK, said: “Our Sonoma Pink Bed Pad range is already a best-seller among our customers, and we are thrilled to now be offering an additional colour choice. Sonoma by MIP is designed to ensure comfort, confidence and dignity for those suffering from incontinence.”

MIP UK sells a broad range of textile products to large and small laundries, distributors, hospitals and long-term care facilities across the UK.

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