Dyna-Form SMARTresponse image

DHG (formerly Direct Healthcare Group) has unveiled its latest “ground-breaking” launch, the Dyna-Form SMARTresponse, a new remote monitoring surface system designed to provide digital smart technology care for pressure ulcer prevention.

A first of its kind in the UK, the product integrates remote digital technology with an existing hybrid support surface to continuously monitor patients and automatically or remotely intervene when increased risk is sensed due to a period of non-movement being detected.

Integrating remote access capabilities, the system allows for patient monitoring, even when clinicians cannot be physically present, via the product’s uniquely designed smartphone app.

The app enables carers to monitor for potential changes in a patient’s state, allowing them to remotely alter pressure distribution at the earliest intervention and alerts them when a period of patient non-movement is detected.

A digitally updated version of the company’s existing and award-winning hybrid Dyna-Form Mercury Advance surface, the SMARTresponse has already been placed into 12 trial facilities across the UK to aid patients with effective pressure relief.

Graham Ewart, Chief Executive of DHG, said: “Our hybrid support surfaces have already been clinically proven to support the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, and have enabled care providers to apply better, more cost-effective care for patients.

“The development and addition of our SMARTresponse control unit elevates this offer, transforming the surface into a unique smart-monitoring mattress system that can also provide automatic or remote intervention at the point of increased risk.

“With the Dyna-Form SMARTresponse, we have designed a product which not only supports clinical time pressures and helps those at the front line of our sector through its remote capabilities, but simultaneously provides care to a best-in-class level for the patient.

“The Dyna-Form SMARTresponse is a pure example of how digitalisation in the healthcare sector can offer huge benefits. The transformation of a surface product into a digitally-led remote monitoring system exemplifies just how the integration of technology in existing processes and products can result in potentially life-changing solutions and better health outcomes.”

Committing to sustainable practices, the company has committed to a one-for-one model, planting one tree for every Dyna-Form SMARTresponse system that is sold.

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