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A new guide has been published by NRS Healthcare that aims to provide first-time unpaid carers with valuable advice, guidance and information.

Called ‘First-Time Family Carer Guide’, it is designed to be an important resource for people taking on a new, unpaid caring responsibility and features useful information, such as what to expect in the new role and advice on how to care for loved ones with dignity.

It also contains valuable resources such as which charities and organisations offer support, an explanation of the Care Act 2014 and communities for new carers to get involved in. Additionally, the guide covers how carers can approach toileting and bathing routines, memory conditions and end of life care.

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The guide comes following NRS Healthcare’s recent announcement of its new partnership with Carers Trust, with NRS Healthcare pledging to raise £10,000 during the next year for the national carers charity.

Speaking about the new partnership, Svetlana Kirov, Director of Fundraising and Communications at Carers Trust, said: “Carers Trust is delighted to be working with NRS Healthcare to support unpaid carers throughout the UK.

“An ageing population and increasing pressure on health and social care budgets are causing a crisis in social care funding, putting real pressure on carers who are already struggling to balance work and life commitments with their caring roles. So we are really grateful to companies like NRS Healthcare whose support means we are able to continue our work to identify and support UK carers.”

The First-Time Family Carer Guide can be downloaded for free here

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