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ATscale, WHO, UNICEF and GDI Hub are co-hosting a free Zoom session next week that explores the power of assistive technology to change lives.

Entitled ‘Assistive Technology – What we know now’, the free webinar takes place on 13 June 2022 at 3pm BST. Interested participants can register here.

The webinar follows the publication of the first-ever Global Report on Assistive Technology, prepared by WHO and UNICEF, last month. The important report provides the latest population data, a global snapshot of access to assistive technology, and covers policy, product and workforce availability, and service delivery.

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It clearly shows the significant unmet and growing need for assistive devices, which is most pressing in low- and middle-income countries.

10 key recommendations in the report highlight the way forward for improving access to assistive technology worldwide. These include: improving access within education, health and social care systems; increasing public awareness and combating stigma; and investing in enabling environments.

The webinar will explore the global report recommendations, with a specific focus on inequalities, lack of access for LMICs, and what can be done to drive change.

The event is a unique opportunity to hear from report authors and global experts, sharing the evidence behind this momentous report, and exploring what is known now about the power of assistive technology to change lives.

At the webinar, the panel is: Vicki Austin, Global Disability Innovation Hub & AT2030; Pascal Bijleveld, ATscale; and Bernard Chiira, Innovate Now & GDI Hub.

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