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Revealed at CES 2020, a new health monitoring wearable that never needs charging can help healthcare professionals gather important data while helping prevent the wearer from developing health conditions.

The new wearable, called MOTHER, was created by Japanese company Medirom and Silicon Valley-based company MATRIX Industries and enables 24/7 monitoring of health activities.

Medirom CEO Kouji said: “Any company will be able to directly import MOTHER tracking data into their services. We believe that it can contribute to the development of any business that require user’s health information, such as nursing care, fitness gym operators and other health-related industries.”

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Boasting a sleek and stylish design, MOTHER has a unisex design and is distinguishable from other wearables on the market, says Medirom.

One of the most important features of MOTHER is that it does not require charging as, according to Kouji, one of the main reasons people stop using wearables is that they take them off to charge and forget they exist.

However, Medirom’s new collaboration with MATRIX has led to a device that never requires charging thanks to MATRIX’s PowerWatch, which applies innovative technology that enables body heat to generate electricity.

With PowerWatch, it is possible to measure calorie consumption, activity and sleep.

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