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The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee has recently published a report that looks at how health services could be coordinated to better treat people with multiple age-related illnesses and includes analysis of the role that technology can play to help people live healthily and independently in old age.

In this article, Noel Verbruggen, CEO of StackCare UK, agrees with the committee about more widespread adoption of telecare services and monitoring devices to support more independent living as people age.

At StackCare UK we’re passionate about the benefits that digital technology offers both to older people looking to live in their home for longer and, importantly, their families. We are pleased to see the report address the use of technology enabled care and, in particular, highlight how digital technology can help support independent living in older age.

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We agree with the committee that a more widespread use of telecare services, modern digital services and monitoring systems has real potential to help more people live in their own homes for longer. Digital-based technology, artificial intelligence and data-driven services offer real solutions here through advanced data gathering and analysis.

Massive advances in the capabilities of digital technology mean we are now able to deliver dynamic, exciting solutions to support our elderly, giving them more support than ever to maintain and maximise the highest quality of life. Discrete monitoring of routine, house temperature and activity levels, for example, can give much-needed reassurance to family members and carers and the potential for someone to stay independent for longer than previously possible.

The potential that these capabilities present to us as a society is huge. Digital technology enables solutions that we could previously only imagine. It offers a game-changing opportunity to positively shape the fundamental look and feel of how we care for our elderly going forward.

We owe it both to our elderly and their families to grasp the opportunities that digital technology offers. I welcome the recommendations made by the Lords’ Science and Technology Committee and look forward to the government’s response.

StackCare UK recently launched in the UK, providing a unique level of support to older people living independently and the families that care for them.

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