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Continuing with its webinar series for healthcare professionals, hospital beds specialist Medstrom is hosting a free webinar for healthcare professionals about delivering dignified care for plus-size patients.

This educational session will explore giving dignified care to plus-size patients and the challenges faced by hospitals, carers, and patients.

It aims to provide a space for thought-provoking discussions and the exchange of evidence-based research and practical experiences amongst healthcare professionals and their peers.

Dr Natasha Larmie, a GP with over 20 years of medical experience, has appeared as an expert commenter on This Morning and CNN as well as being featured in The Huffington Post and The Independent. Natasha will discuss her personal story and how this affects her approach to the care of plus-size patients.

Tracey Carr works as a consultant to a number of leading healthcare companies and as an advocate for better healthcare for plus-size patients. She has developed seminars on maintaining dignity of care for the supersized, which she has delivered at a wide range of hospitals and clinical training establishments across the UK and Europe.

In addition, she works as part of a team delivering training in the moving and handling of plus-size patients. Tracey will be speaking from the patient’s perspective giving her personal experience as a receiver of care.

Dr Shaw Somers is an NHS consultant surgeon with over 20 years’ experience. He was a senior lecturer at St James’ University Hospital in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and an associate professor at The Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong.

Shaw is past president of the British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society. He has presented Channel 4’s The Food Hospital, he is Discovery TV’s Fat Doctor and has appeared in many TV programmes as a surgical expert.

Shaw will discuss the challenges that healthcare professionals and hospitals may encounter striving to achieve dignified care for patients.

Medstrom’s webinar will take place on 9th June from 2pm-3pm and interested healthcare professionals can register here

As part of its webinar series, Medstrom is also hosting another free webinar for decision-makers on 11th May about medical device innovation in the NHS. To find out more about this session, and to register, click here

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