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Accessible bathroom and kitchen manufacturer Ropox has reported a “hugely successful” OT Show, with visitors reporting positive feedback on its range of stylish accessible solutions.

The company used the event to showcase examples from its range of basins, Vision tables and height-adjustable kitchens.

Ropox UK Sales Manager Mark Sadler said: “Occupational Therapists play a huge role in our business and therefore attending the OT show is a must for us.  After the last 18 months, it was fantastic to once again have the opportunity to engage with so many OT’s from around the UK in a safe and friendly environment.

“As face-to-face meetings have been so hard to arrange during the pandemic, it was great to once again be able to be able to demonstrate examples from our product portfolio with the support of our colleagues from Jiraffe and Symphony kitchens who were on hand to talk about the Vision Tables and kitchen solutions respectively.

“Many visitors to the stand had not seen the recently launched QuickWash for themselves and it certainly proved popular with some very positive feedback and we are looking forward to following up the many conversations we had over the coming weeks.”

The QuickWash is height adjustable and comes forward from the wall, meaning the user does not have to bend or reach from their wheelchair, which can negatively impact their posture. The lowering and raising motion requires very little effort, as it is almost weightless, while the range of height adjustment available ensures the basin can be used by anyone.

Requiring no electrics, the QuickWash is easy to install, and when in the initial up position, the 500mm-wide basin’s projection off the wall is 530mm and 630mm when lowered. For wheelchair users, the basin can be lowered from its fixed point by 140mm and out from the wall by 100mm.

The Vision Tables are an ideal adjustable table solution for wheelchair users, Ropox says.

Designed to be extremely versatile, the Vision Tables incorporate a comprehensive choice of worktop sizes and models, all of which are adjustable to ensure they meet the needs of the user, regardless of their age, height or level of mobility.

With a table tilt of up to 74 degrees, items such as books and papers are easily accessible to the user. The integrated MagRule magnet – which can be placed anywhere on the table – guarantees that whatever the user is working on remains in place, even when the table has been fully tilted.

To ensure they can be used by children or adults with different seating heights, the Vision Tables feature a manual or electric height adjustment while the stylish ergonomic design ensures they look equally at home in a domestic, education or work environment. For increased comfort, the Vision Tables also have removeable arm supports.

For more information or to book an assessment, call 07444 577609, visit the website or email

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