Hertfordshire County Council falls prevention packs image

Helping residents to remain safe and independent at home, Hertfordshire County Council has launched new falls prevention packs.

The council highlights that research shows that gentle exercises can improve coordination and balance and in turn help to prevent falls.

To help residents keep active at home, Hertfordshire County Council’s ‘Move it or Lose it – Falls Prevention Pack’ provides a range of seated and standing exercises on CD and DVD alongside a ‘Stay Fit for Life’ book, a ‘Get Up and Go’ leaflet from the Royal Society of Physiotherapy and ROSPA’s ‘Checklist for preventing falls at home’.

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The checklist asks residents about potential fall hazards in around their homes and prompts them to ensure different areas of their home are well maintained. For instance, ROSPA’s checklist asks residents to check if handrails are installed near back doors, rugs are in good condition and secured in place, and floors are free of clutter.

Learn more about the falls prevention packs in the short video below:

The packs are available to borrow from libraries. There is no rental charge and they can be reserved via the online library catalogue.

Alongside the new falls prevention packs for residents, Hertfordshire County Council also has some handy resources on its website about falls.

Residents can take a test to see if they are at risk of falling, learn more about preventing falls and discover what they can do if they do have a fall.

There is also information for professionals about preventing falls. Social care professionals can run through a series of questions with residents to identify their risk of falls and who the residents can contact for further support on issues.

Questions include: “Are you unsteady on your feet or have concerns about your balance?”, “Are you unable to get up from a dining room style chair, without using your arms?” and “Have you had your eyes tested in the last 24 months?”

Hertfordshire County Council also signposts residents to helpful services that can reduce the risk of falls. It lists how to access various assistive technology services to support residents in and around their homes, such as personal alarms, housing adaptations, wheelchairs, ramps and toilet seats.

Last year, the council rolled out “life-changing” assistive technology to deliver bespoke care packages to meet elderly and disabled people’s needs.

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