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A journal is calling for professionals to submit evidence on examples of good housing adaptation practices to be included in an international paper aimed at academics and practitioners who generate and support housing adaptations.

The paper is set to shine a spotlight on how assistive technologies can support independence and healthy ageing at home in a global context.

Find out more about the publication, the call for evidence, and how to get involved below.

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Publication details

The International Journal of Building Pathology and Adaptation will publish a special issue – ‘Housing adaptations for healthy ageing: conceptual, theoretical, and practical approaches’ – to uncover the global community’s experience in housing adaptations for healthy ageing.

It will feature guest editors Dr Adekunle Sabitu Oyegoke, Dr. Saheed Ajayi, and Dr. Wusi Zhou.

Anticipated assistive technology themes

The special issue will offer insights on a wide range of themes, including the crucial role of assistive technologies in supporting effective home adaptations.

Some of the anticipated assistive technology-focused themes include:

  • Making care for the elderly and disabled people easier through building design and technologies
  • The use of innovations in assistive technology, artificial intelligence, and wearables that can aid independent living
  • Using and developing new tools and collecting data to help with decisions on housing and care
  • Using and developing new tools for collecting data to help with housing adaptations and care decisions

Other anticipated themes encompass future housing adaptation challenges; maintaining independence through adapting existing homes; the role of stakeholders in supplying adaptations; home adaptation processes; policy mechanisms and policy shortcomings that obstruct housing adaptations; and much more.

Background information

The special issue comes as the current global ageing population is at its highest ever level, meaning supporting healthy ageing and independent living for elderly and disabled people is crucial. Its aim is to share knowledge and inspire connections between housing adaptation professionals and researches globally.

The publisher says that there are very few studies available that focus on investigating the conceptual, theoretical, and practical framework for housing adaptations and improving their effectiveness, which is essential for disabled/older people to receive timely assistance and overcome the risks of environmental barriers.

With ageing populations causing different problems in different countries, and different responses to such problems from these countries, the special issue will provide a platform to share best practices across the globe.

How to submit evidence

The deadline to submit evidence is 31 August 2022.

Submit papers and read the specific author guidelines through this page.

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