With the number of musculoskeletal disorders in Britain on the rise, Closomat says that having an assistive toilet can reduce the need for carers, while improving people’s health and well-being.

Latest data from Arthritis Research UK highlights that, with the growing incidence of obesity and lack of exercise, musculoskeletal disorders are increasing, with around 17.8 million people in Britain having a musculoskeletal disorder – just under a third of the population.

However, Closomat says that toileting technology, such as a wash & dry toilets and toilet lifters, can have a positive impact, not only on the individual’s physical ability to ‘go’ without care intervention, but on reducing their incidence of falls and improving their mental health and well-being.

Furthermore, a ‘cost of care analysis’ by Closomat underlined that the use of assistive toilets also delivers better value for money for clients, with installation of an adaptive toilet costing less than having a carer.

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Former Royal Fusilier Rob Cain had a Closomat Palma Vita wash & dry toilet with an Aerolet toilet lifter fitted over.

Highlighting the benefit of having an assistive toilet installed, he explained: “It’s something you take for granted, going to the toilet, yet everyone needs to do it. I’ve not fallen once when going to the toilet since I’ve had the kit. Yet I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a Closomat until about six months ago.

“Now I can go to the toilet safely, with dignity. The psychological impact on my mental health is amazing!”

The Closomat Palma Vita looks like, and can be used as, a conventional toilet; its integrated douching and drying mean the user does not have to manually wipe clean with toilet tissue, with the toilet taking into account potential dexterity and balance difficulties.

According to Closomat, the Aerolet is the toileting equivalent of a riser recliner chair. Fitted over the toilet, it automatically lowers and raises the user over the pan as needed.

In addition, the Aerolet is the only unit of its kind that offers either a vertical or tilting operation, depending on whether the user has the balance, stability and muscle strength/control to move from sit to stand and vice versa. This means transfer on and off the toilet is safe and supported, and eliminates the need for care intervention.

Closomat offers in-house care for healthcare professionals and patients, from design advice and site survey through to installation, commissioning and subsequent service and maintenance.

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