Ikea ThisAbles range image

Popular furniture store Ikea has launched its ThisAbles range of add-on products that aims to improve the lives of disabled people by making everyday tasks simpler, such as bumpers for bookshelves, extra-large zippers and corner markers for shelves.

The ThisAbles was led by Ikea’s Israel office alongside organisations Milbat and Access Israel, which specialise in creative solutions to help improve the everyday lives of disabled people.

Clients can print the products themselves by downloading free plans on the ThisAbles website and taking them to any 3D-printing shop or facility. The website includes step-by-step assembly instructions for the products, once they have been printed.

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Products include: bumpers for wheelchair users, which can be attached to the front of Ikea bookshelves that have glass panels, to protect the glass in case of collisions; a large, round handle which can be fitted to any product that has a small handle, making it easier for people with limited dexterity to grip; and corner markers that can be attached to Ikea shelves to clearly indicate the boundaries of where a shelf starts and ends, helping those with vision impairments.

Ikea ThisAbles range image

Also on the ThisAbles website are various videos featuring people with a range of disabilities assembling and using the products.

Ikea is open to suggestions for new product ideas for the ThisAbles range and people can submit their suggestions on the ThisAbles website.

The furniture store is also encouraging people to share any accessibility problems people are experiencing with current Ikea furniture as well as offer potential solutions.

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