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Helping support family carers of people with dementia, CogniCare is an innovative app that offers guidance, expertise, resources and insights for carers. It is designed to improve the caring experience by helping with daily tasks and promoting the carer’s wellbeing.

CogniCare allows carers to access vital information about dementia at anytime from anywhere; learn about their rights; get advice on self-care to reduce emotional and physical stress; and connect with other carers who are looking after a loved one with dementia.

In addition, the app enables carers to monitor and track changes in the client’s behaviour; create reports to monitor disease progression and make informed choices about care plans; explore and book events in the carer’s local area, including community activities and support groups; and create notes on observations, incidents and care activities.

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The clever app can also connect to Amazon’s Alexa technology to allow carers to ask questions and access information entirely by voice command.

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CogniCare was set up by CogniHealth to help carers support people with dementia by providing relevant and personalised information post-diagnosis. CogniHealth works alongside families, healthcare specialists, academics and organisations such as Alzheimer Scotland to address the different aspects of dementia care.

CogniHealth was also selected as one of 20 businesses in the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE)’s Unlocking Ambition Enterprise Fellowship (UA EF) scheme, funded by the Scottish Government.

Selected in June 2018 after a competitive process, the 20 UA Enterprise businesses received a £25,000-£50,000 maintenance grant plus £20,000 to work full-time on developing and scaling their business idea.

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