HoverJack Air Patient Lift image
HoverJack Air Patient Lift

Helping ease pressure on healthcare professionals by providing a safe fall recovery solution for fallen individuals, US-based HoverTech has revealed its HoverJack Falls Kit.

A complete falls recovery solution, the HoverJack Fall Kit consists of the HoverJack Air Patient Lift, HoverMatt Air Transfer System, and HT-Air Air Supply.

The HoverJack Air Patient Lift is an innovative inflatable mattress that helps raise the fallen individual from the floor to bed or stretcher height. Additionally, the inflatable HoverMatt Air Transfer System enables patients to be moved laterally and allows for patient repositioning.

Finally, the HT-Air Supply is a portable device which supplies the air to inflate both the Air Patient Lift and the Air Transfer System.

HoverMatt Air Transfer System image
HoverMatt Air Transfer System

In the event of a fall, carers use the air-assisted HoverMatt and HoverJack to transfer and lift the fallen individual with the use of air technology. The HoverJack inflates with the HT-Air to gently lift the patient from the floor to bed or stretcher height in a supine position, minimising pain and protecting the individual’s safety until injuries are further assessed.

The air-assisted HoverMatt is used to transfer the patient to and from the HoverJack, further easing the fall recovery process as it reduces the force needed to move the patient by 85-90 percent.

The combination of these devices eliminates manual lifting for carers, reducing the risk of injury while providing a safer and more comfortable experience for the fallen individual.

HoverTech specialises in air-assisted safe patient handling solutions that create a safer environment for both the caregiver and the patient.

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