Gyro Glory headset imageCreated by Now Technologies, the Gyro Glory provides powered wheelchair users with an easy to use, discreet headset from which they can control their chair and computer through head, cheek or eye movement.

Precision Rehab is one of the first UK powered wheelchair suppliers to sign up as an official UK supplier for the Gyro Glory head control. The headset is compatible with all powerchairs available from Precision Rehab.

The headset is user-friendly, easy to set up and connects with the user’s chair via Bluetooth; a cable can also be used if there is interference – such as at music events or exhibitions – and this charges the headset at the same time if required.

Individuals put on the lightweight headset and position the click sensor approximately 1-2cm from the corner of their eye, cheek or any other part of the face which they can move, giving individuals the freedom to find which position suits them best.

Gyro Glory headset imageThe sensor works by detecting the light reflected from the surface of the user’s skin or eye, thus the sensor can detect when their eye is open/closed/partially closed or movements in the face where it is positioned.

In addition, the headset also features a built-in tremor filter to allow for involuntary movements and has 20-hour battery life.

Matthew James, Director of Precision Rehab, commented: “We are always looking for new advances in technology which can help our clients and the Gyro Glory headset is certainly one such product.  Some of our clients have extremely complex needs and a product such as this will provide them with an increased level of independence, even those with the most restricted level of movement.”

Once set-up, the user can manage all the controls on their powerchair, as well as the mouse on their PC or laptop.

For more information on the Gyro headset or for the full range of powered wheelchairs available from Precision Rehab, people can call 01256 300111, email or visit the website

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