The Nudgu Reminder App, an innovative application for dementia or diabetes caregivers, has been announced for smartphones and tablets. Nudgu Reminders is a service for caregivers of people with dementia to remind their loved ones of important recurring or one-off events by a recorded message to their home land-line phone.

The idea originated when creators, Jonny and his sister Louise, struggled to find a way for their mother Mina to live independently as she often forgot medication and appointments. There was no technology available that Mina could use and reassure Jonny that reminders were being received.

Nudgu is a simple service that helps people balance the care they provide to their loved one with other everyday commitments. A carer can record brief messages in advance, such as a medication reminder or just a simple hello. Nudgu will phone their loved one, playing the message at just the right time – even if the user is not available or their phone is switched off.

There is no other reminder app that can deliver recorded messages to traditional home phones. This differentiation is important as many people with dementia struggle with unfamiliar devices according to the company. The App also notifies the caregiver if the reminder was listened to or not.

The company has currently got a patent pending for the pioneering technology.

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