ELISpoon imageA “revolutionary” spoon is helping people with reduced hand and arm mobility – such as individuals with cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury or those who have had a stroke – eat independently called the ELISpoon.

Designed in France, the clever spoon gives individuals greater freedom, self-confidence and enables them to regain control when eating meals.

According to Eli Innovation, the idea for the stabilising spoon was born out of the company’s ethos that everyone should be able to enjoy and participate at meal-time. At its core, Eli Innovation wants to help people participate in everyday activities.

Eating can present challenges for people with limited dexterity, including people with hypotonia, cognition impairments and poor coordination. After months of research and development, the ELISpoon was created to help making eating independently possible.

ELISpoon imageThe pioneering spoon is easy to clean, carry and use. The counterweights and rotation axes keep the spoon bowl level, regardless of how the user’s arm twists, bends or moves, which prevents food spillage. Furthermore, the stopper at the head of the spoon locks in place at a certain angle to scoop up food from the plate with ease.

In addition, ELISpoon’s smart design means multiple attachments can be easily interchanged and the spoon can be used as a tea spoon or a soup spoon, suitable for both children and adults.

The stabilising spoon is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed individuals and there is no age limit on who can use the assistive device. FDA-approved, the ELISpoon has no electrical components and is dishwasher-safe.

To find out more about the pioneering spoon, watch the video below:

ELISpoon is available in the UK from the ELISpoon website: https://elispoon.com/product/elispoon/

It also available from the Performance Health website: https://www.performancehealth.co.uk/stabilizing-spoon-elispoon

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