carer_aidingWhen weighing up the options facing an older relative who needs more care, either from old age, sickness or early signs of conditions like dementia, there are several solutions that can be put in place to ensure they can remain living independently for longer, but are also safe in their own home. With costs of residential care soaring, many given the opportunity, select an “In Home” care package. Naturally this can lead to concerns about the welfare of the relative alone in their home, with different visitors entering the house during the day. There are numerous sensors and panic buttons available, however a home security camera, like the award winning Y-cam Indoor HDS is the only way to know for sure what is happening.

Cost of Residential Care vs In Home Care

With the average cost of a UK residential care home costing £29,250, rising to over £39,300 if additional nursing care is needed, many find this option a last resort. In comparison, in home care packages based on a carer for 14 hours a week cost an average of £11,000 per year*. More and more families live further away from their loved ones meaning they cannot visit them regularly. The challenge faced by many relatives, is finding an easy, affordable way to give both the homeowner and relative comfort and peace of mind. The Y-cam Indoor HDS camera can be implemented easily with no technical knowledge required and costs just £125.

Relatives often feel very concerned leaving vulnerable relatives at home alone if they are frail and may even have illnesses like Dementia. Despite the brilliant work many professional carers do, relatives naturally feel worried about carers coming into their relatives home unsupervised, especially with the shocking cases of mistreatment appearing in the news. The Y-cam Indoor HDS Camera is designed to provide that peace mind thanks to key features including:

  • The Indoor HDS lets you see and hear what’s happening at your relative’s property from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet
  • The Motion Zone can be set up to capture any movement in potentially dangerous areas like an oven or check up on them during the day when care is provided
  • It’s very easy to set up and use, especially for people with no technical knowledge
  • You will receive instant alerts when motion is detected so you can take immediate action.
  • You can watch live or review the last 7 days recordings at no extra cost.
  • All videos are stored securely and safely away from the properly so they can’t be erased or stolen, and this service is provided free of charge with no monthly fees required

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Money Advice Service*

Paying for Care

Dementia 2015 report by Alzheimer’s Society

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